The Osteoporosis Exercise and Education Program

Did you know osteoporosis is very common? It affects one in three women and one in five men over the age of 50. However, it affects men and women of all ages and we regularly see people in their 20’s and 30’s with osteoporosis or osteopenia (low bone density).

Years ago, a patient said to Bonny, “I know I should exercise but I am afraid of doing the wrong thing.” This started the quest for the most evidence-based and individualized exercise program we could provide to our patients.

Pro Motion Physiotherapy offers the popular program, Osteo-Circuit™ which is:

1. A Physiotherapy Exercise Program

Osteo-Circuit™ starts with a detailed physiotherapy assessment which includes:

  • A review of your medical history, your most recent Bone Mineral Density results and your goals
  • A review of conditions/pain to take into consideration in the design of your exercise program
  • Your Heart Rate and Blood Pressure
  • A postural assessment
  • An assessment of your range of motion and flexibility for preparation of your individualized program
  • An assessment of Physical Performance Measures to determine the starting point of your exercise program

2. A Physiotherapy Education Program

Osteo-Circuit™ is committed to providing educational information which includes:

  • Education on the latest research from Scientific organizations such as: Osteoporosis Canada, the International Osteoporosis Foundation, National Osteoporosis Foundation and National Osteoporosis Society in areas such as calcium, Vitamin D and exercise
  • Education on proper body mechanics to decrease risk of fracture and harm
  • Education on how to fit suitable exercise into your life

3. An Individualized Exercise Program

Osteo-Circuit™ offers a variety of programs for you to participate in:

  • Private Sessions, as recommended or preferred
  • Our 6 Week Program (Level 1): two classes per week, one hour in length, small group format.
  • Our Building Better Bones Program (Level 2): one class per week, one hour in length, small group format. * The Level 1 class or private sessions are required before taking this class.
  • Our Supervised Drop-In Program – Available certain hours Monday to Friday, and includes specialty classes such as:
    • Osteo-Yoga
    • Osteo-Aerobics
    • Osteo-Core
    • Safer Body Movements

4. A Progressive Exercise Program

  • Patients must do the right exercise, the right way, at the right intensity. Therefore, regular Physiotherapy reassessments provide clinical information on your progress and what modifications may need to be made.

5. Research-Based

Our patients were telling us they were better and our reassessments indicated the same results. However, we wanted to be involved in a research study to further prove this.

  • A recent research study with the University of Toronto indicated that there was a statistically significant decrease in fall and fracture risk in the patients who participated in the study.
  • We look forward to being involved in more research.

Although designed for patients with osteoporosis, we have a number of people in our program whose main diagnosis is not osteoporosis. Some patients attend Osteo-Circuit™ for conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s disease and cancer. As the exercise prescription is individualized, many patients can benefit from Osteo-Circuit™.

6. A Communication Tool With Your Doctors

  • The Osteo-Circuit™ assessment report provides information on your results. The reassessment reports provide information on your progression.

Osteo-Circuit™ Programs

6 Week Osteo-Circuit™ Exercise and Education Program: (Level 1)

osteo-yoga-groupLevel 1 consists of 12 Classes over 6 weeks, each one hour each in length. Each class consists of education and exercise prescription. Each exercise is reviewed at each class for technique and response and then new exercises are added as tolerated. At the end of the 6 Week Session, you will have your full program of exercises. A Physiotherapy reassessment takes place within one week of your last class. At the end of this program, your Physiotherapist will make further recommendations which will be discussed with you. Based on the results of your reassessment, this may include continuing in Level 2, attending the Physiotherapy Osteo-Circuit™ Program or continuing your program at your gym or at your home.

Building Better Bones Osteo-Circuit™ Exercise and Education Program (Level 2).

Level 2 consists of 6 classes over 6 weeks, each one hour in length. Your Physiotherapist may recommend Level 2 if you would benefit from more individualized exercise prescription due to pain or other issues such as arthritis.

osteo-yoga-lisaPhysiotherapy Osteo-Circuit™ Program

This program is held Monday to Friday at different times of the day as it is a supervised Physiotherapy program. The Level 1 Program will have provided you with the exercises you need for your rehabilitation, but you would not have reached your correct dosage of exercises in only 6 weeks. Therefore, your Physiotherapist may recommend a continuation of the Osteo-Circuit™ program for a specific amount of time. A reassessment will be scheduled at the 6 or 12 week mark to assess your progress to your goals. At the completion of your program, you may choose to continue in our gym program or attend your own gym.

All of the above are Physiotherapy programs. Therefore, if you have Extended Health Coverage, we can provide you with a receipt to submit to your Insurance Company.

osteo-yoga-teacherGym Osteo-Circuit Program

Once you have completed your Physiotherapy program, you may wish to continue with our gym membership. You will be asked to sign our gym waiver. If at any time you have concerns or wish to have a review of your exercises, then you may book a Physiotherapy appointment with the Osteo-Circuit™ Physiotherapist.

Private Physiotherapy Sessions

Many patients prefer to see the Physiotherapist privately. Please speak to your Physiotherapist regarding what will work best for you.

We look forward to assisting you in your bone healthy Osteo-Circuit™ program!