Pro Motion Physiotherapy is excited about Virtual Physiotherapy Sessions

Pro Motion Physiotherapy is now offering Virtual Physiotherapy Appointments. Virtual Physiotherapy Appointments provide the same quality of care with a registered physiotherapist that you are accustomed to receiving at our clinic.


Some of the benefits of Virtual Physiotherapy Sessions include:

  • Receiving the full benefit of physiotherapy services without the added time for travel/waiting
  • Being in the comfort of your home, office or wherever you may be with less disruption to your day
  • Virtual Physiotherapy can be provided to you anywhere you may be (provided you have a permanent residence in Ontario)
  • Virtual Physiotherapy can effectively assess and treat most conditions and if our physiotherapists feel that you would require in-clinic care, they will indicate that while they see you
  • We can assess your work or home ergonomics/body mechanics on the spot and provide recommendations to reduce strain and injury
  • We can evaluate you doing your exercises within your own setting to make sure your technique is correct while away from the clinic
  • During COVID-19, virtual physiotherapy reduces any risk of viral exposure and keeps you safer
  • During COVID-19, virtual physiotherapy is more comfortable as no masks are required and if you are experiencing any listed Covid-19 symptoms, you can still receive physiotherapy virtually even when you cannot come into the clinic
  • If needed or requested, our physiotherapists can record aspects of your session to send to you for reference
  • Following our Virtual Sessions, our physiotherapists will provide you with a detailed outline of their recommendations/self-management instructions and provide you with a detailed exercise program as needed that includes pictures, videos and instructions of the exercise
  • The majority of Extended Healthcare Insurers fund Virtual Physiotherapy Sessions


There are many ways that Virtual Physiotherapy Sessions can be implemented:

  • Full assessment and ongoing physiotherapy treatment
  • The initial assessment can be done virtually in full or partially with follow-up care in-clinic
  • Your physiotherapy services can be provided both virtually and in-clinic (for example: your physiotherapists may recommend alternating virtual and in-clinic sessions depending on the recommended treatment where manual techniques can be done in-clinic and exercise review/progressions/self-management can be done virtually)


Virtual Physiotherapy has expanded the landscape to which we can provide service to our clients with the goal to provide the best care always.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at the clinic or by email and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.