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ReCOVery: Covid-19 and Your Muscles

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Introduction You likely have heard of common symptoms of COVID-19 such as breathlessness, fever, cough, reduced sense of smell, aches, and pain, etc. But did you know that COVID-19 can affect your muscles? How does Covid-19 affect your muscles? When you felt ill, you probably lay in bed to rest and allow your...

ReCOVery: COVID-19 and Your Day-to-Day Activities

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Introduction Have you been finding your typical day-to-day activities more challenging after recovering from COVID-19? Are basic tasks such as negotiating stairs, getting dressed, gardening, cooking a meal, going grocery shopping, and others more exhausting than usual? After recovering from Covid-19, many people find it difficult to do these kinds of...

ReCOVery: COVID-19 and Your Breathing

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Introduction If you have experienced symptoms of COVID-19, you likely felt the effects it has on your ability to breathe easily. You may have been short of breath, coughed a lot, and in more severe cases required oxygen supplementation or mechanical ventilation. After recovering from the actual virus, you may be...

Free Event: May is National Physiotherapy Month!

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Location: Here at Pro Motion Physiotherapy. Dates: Monday, May 27th : 11:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. & 6:30 P.M. – 7:30 P.M. See flyer for details.

Osteo-Circuit™ Training Workshop this May 2019

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The next Osteo-Circuit™ Training Workshop for Physiotherapists will be held: Saturday May 4th & Sunday May 5th, 2019 at Pro Motion Physiotherapy in Thornhill, ON For more information or to register, please download our brochure and registration form here, or contact #buildingbetterbones

Pro Motion Hosting the McKenzie B Course

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Pro Motion is looking forward to hosting the McKenzie B course this coming weekend ! This approach to the Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment of neck pain is an approach used world wide to decease people’s pain and symptoms and is practiced by Physiotherapists at Pro Motion.