Keeping Your Life in Motion

Happy New Year!

 This is certainly the time of year when we look back on the past year and look forward to what we might do differently in the New Year. Does that sound like you? This has been such an unusual year as everyone has had to make changes due to COVID-19. Have some of these changes caused you to rethink your usual routine regarding what you will keep, and what you will not, as part of your schedule? What comes to mind as you consider 2021?

Many people start the year with great intentions on what they will do differently. Let this be the year that you stick to your goals! Although many people stop by February, not everyone does. So, now is a good year to be in the “not everyone category’!. If you know some of the reasons why it is difficult to succeed, it will be easier to stick to your goals. Here are some of the more common reasons why people have stopped working on their goals after just a couple of months:

  1. They are not realistic
  2. Too many are being made
  3. Lack of discipline
  4. Progress is not being tracked
  5. Not giving it enough time (it takes about 66 days to create a new habit).
  6. Lack of accountability
  7. Other: is there one specific to you?

 One suggestion this year? Try just one resolution and focus on that. Although there may be a number of things you would like to improve on: choose one. It is better to be successful with one than be unsuccessful with many. It does not mean you will only improve in one area over the year but just start with one.

If this is the year you have decided to be consistent with an exercise program, we would love to help you! This is especially important if you have an underlying condition (like arthritis or osteoporosis), have had a previous injury, have pain and/or have a fear of flaring up a past issue. Don’t let these be barriers to being stronger in 2021.

Please give us a call at 905-731-1991 or email us at staff@promotionphysiotherapy and one of our Physiotherapists will be in contact with you. We look forward to helping you with your New Year’s Resolution to be fit in 2021!

Happy New Year from all of us at Pro Motion