Injuries/Conditions We Commonly Treat

Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Injuries

We provide treatment to people who have been involved in a motor vehicle accident.  In addition to dealing with your pain, we understand this is a very stressful time for MVA patients and their families.

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There is a significant amount of paperwork for you to complete for your car insurance company.  Please let us know if we can assist in explaining the forms to you and letting you know which ones we will be completing.

There are regulations and policies which have been set by Insurance Companies that we must follow. We are able to bill your health benefit insurance company, should you have one, for the services you receive as well as your auto insurance company. Our manager, Linda Bronfman, will meet with you to discuss what is needed for your insurance companies.  Linda will help you with forms and explain the billing process.

Please feel free to ask us any questions at any time regarding your treatment or how we can further assist you in your recovery process.

Sports Injuries

Each year, many people seek assistance from Physiotherapists for treatment of sports injuries they have sustained.

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Although any part of your body can be injured, sports injuries commonly refer to injuries of the  musculo-skeletal system which include muscles, bones and soft-tissues like cartilage. These injuries can be caused by accidents, weakness in muscles, structural abnormalities, poor posture while exercising and/or inadequate training methods.

In addition to gathering information about your injury and performing a full assessment, the Physiotherapist will also want to have information regarding your sport and exercise regime. Recommendations will be provided regarding treatment and return to activity. How to prevent injuries is also a large component of treatment at Pro Motion Physiotherapy. The goal of treatment is to help you recover from your injury and return to the activity you enjoy in a safe and timely manner.


Osteoporosis is a very common condition affecting both women and men.

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The major concern about osteoporosis is that it puts people at higher risk of fracture. There are not any symptoms until a fracture occurs as osteoporosis does not cause pain like osteoarthritis does.  A fracture is often the first time that osteoporosis or osteopenia (low bone density) is diagnosed.

Pro Motion is proud to be the home of Osteo-Circuit™:  the Physiotherapy exercise and education program for people with osteoporosis or low bone density. Our goal is to teach you the correct exercises, adapt them as necessary for your medical and physical condition(s), provide you with information to decrease your fracture risk and help you to reach your physical activity goals. Many people do not know that some very common exercises are actually harmful for you. We teach people how to do the correct exercises, the correct way and progress them safely and effectively.

We do understand that the diagnosis of osteoporosis or low bone density is very concerning. We treat people of all ages: from people in their 20’s and 30’s to people in their 90’s. Knowing which exercises to do and not to do,  and receiving information and tips on how to move in good alignment, is key to increasing your confidence as you go about your day to day activities and exercise program.

We attend conferences around the world about osteoporosis, exercise, nutrition and medication to make sure that we are providing the latest research in our exercise and education programs. We also regularly provide workshops for you to attend on particular issues about osteoporosis. We would be pleased to be your resource for treatment and for any questions you may have.

Learn more about how we treat osteoporosis with our Osteo-Circuit™ exercise and education program.

Vertebral Fracture Management

Vertebral fractures from osteoporosis can be very painful.

In the acute stage, Physiotherapy treatment can help decrease your pain.

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How you move in your day to day activities is important and knowing how to modify some positions or movements can also help decrease your pain. We want to teach you how to move with your spine in your best alignment to decrease the strain on your joints and muscles. In addition, you will need to pace your activities and we can provide recommendations to you.

After your fracture has healed it is important to safely increase your activity levels. Exercises to improve posture, strength and balance, as well as overall fitness, are part of your recovery. Our approach is to “start low and go slow” as we focus on your technique and response to exercise.  We want to safely and effectively help you get back to what you want to do.


Our physiotherapists see many people with arthritis.  Conditions commonly seen include Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Ankylosing Spondylitis and Psoriatic Arthritis.

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The assessment session is very detailed as there are normally a number of joints involved.  The recommended treatment to decrease pain and inflammation, increase mobility and strength is discussed.

Many of our patients with arthritis also attend our supervised, individualized and progressive Osteo-Circuit program to progress their strength and endurance and achieve maximum function. The Physiotherapist will talk to you about whether or not this would be helpful for you.

We are also very pleased to host educational Workshops given by The Arthritis Society. Workshops are complimentary and are led by Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists. Topics include “Osteoarthritis of the Hand” as well as “Osteoarthritis of the Neck and Back.”

These workshops are very popular and fill up quickly! For information on these workshops, please contact our clinic or The Arthritis Society.

Neurological Physiotherapy

Pro Motion Physiotherapy is now providing physiotherapy assessment and treatment for clients affected by injury or disease of the central nervous system.

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Diagnoses treated include, but are not limited to Stroke, Acquired Brain Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, and Spinal Cord Injury. Our therapist is NDT/Bobath trained with over 10 years of experience treating clients with various neurological conditions. Please call us for more information.

Pre/Post-Surgical Physiotherapy

Patients who have undergone surgery for a musculo-skeletal condition or injury are regularly referred to us for assessment and treatment.

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Conditions commonly seen by our Physiotherapists include: rotator cuff repairs, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repairs, arthroscopies, total knee replacements, hip replacements, Achilles tendon repairs, bunionectomies, back surgeries and open-reduction and internal fixations of different joints. We have also had experience in the assessment and treatment of limb-lengthening procedures (

Treatment focuses on decreasing pain, improving mobility and strength as per surgical protocol and assisting you in your return to your usual activities.

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

There are Physiotherapists who are specifically trained in Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation and able to assess your symptoms and make recommendations for treatment to help you.

Learn more about how we treat Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation needs on our Women’s Health page.

Pre/Post-Natal Care

As your body grows month by month in your pregnancy, you may experience physical and hormonal changes which may cause problems such as: postural changes, low back pain, neck pain, balance and flare up of old injuries. Those can be treated by the Physiotherapist with the goal to relieve discomfort.

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We can provide an individualized and appropriate exercise program for all the stages of pregnancy as well as a postpartum exercise program.  The goal is to help promote a positive pregnancy and healthy lifestyle for you.

Pro Motion Physiotherapy has Physiotherapists who are knowledgeable about and experienced in pre-natal and post-natal lifestyle care. Learn more about how we can assist you with pre/post natal care here.

Blocked Breast Ducts

Blocked breast ducts can make nursing a challenge. A duct that remains blocked for a prolonged period is at risk of becoming infected.

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If you are concerned consult your doctor or public health nurse as soon as possible. If you have a fever you should see your doctor immediately.

If you have been referred for treatment for a blocked duct then you should be seen within 24 hours by one of our Physiotherapists experienced in this assessment and treatment. Our Physiotherapists are very supportive of any concerns that you may have regarding your breast feeding.

Treatment, if appropriate, usually consists of a specific dose of ultrasound to assist in the disruption of the blockage, soft tissue massage to move the blockage along the duct and heat. You will then be provided with a quiet area to nurse your baby. Education regarding what you can do at home will be provided.

A follow-up appointment will be scheduled for the following day. Please feel free to ask any questions at any time. Visit our Women’s Health page for more information.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Dizziness and balance problems are very common and are a major reason why people see their Doctors.

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Dizziness, vertigo and balance problems can be due to a variety of reasons. However, a large number of causes come from the vestibular system.  Vestibular rehabilitation consists of a thorough assessment by a Physiotherapist trained in this specific area. The treatment is exercise based and may also include manual therapy. The goal is to decrease your symptoms and in some cases, resolve them, depending on the cause of your symptoms.

If you have questions about whether you would benefit from an assessment, please call us and ask to speak to one of our Vestibular Rehab Physiotherapists.

Other Conditions

This is not a full or exhaustive list of conditions that we treat.

Do you have a question about something that is not on this list? Please call us, so we can discuss your condition and if you would benefit from a Physiotherapy assessment.