Understanding Therapeutic Ultrasound

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Understanding Therapeutic Ultrasound Has your Physiotherapist recommended therapeutic ultrasound as part of your treatment plan? If so, you may want to learn more about this modality and how it works. This blog will provide an overview of therapeutic ultrasound to help you know more about the treatment your Physiotherapist is recommending. What...

ReCOVery: Post-Exertional Malaise and other challenges after COVID-19

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Introduction There is a growing population of individuals experiencing a range of debilitating and long-lasting effects after having COVID-19. For these individuals, the effects are greater than the expected weakness and fatigue that others may experience after being sick for a few weeks, be it with COVID-19 or another illness. In...

Supraspinatus Tendinopathy


What is Supraspinatus Tendinopathy? Supraspinatus Tendinopathy can cause pain in your shoulder near the location of the supraspinatus tendon. The supraspinatus is one of the many muscles in your shoulder that make up the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff holds your arm in place and is important for the full mobility...

Hip Bursitis


What is Hip Bursitis?
Hip Bursitis, also referred to as Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome, is clinically diagnosed with the presence of pain originating from the outside of your hip. A bursa is a fluid filled pad that acts as a smooth surface for your muscles to glide over your bones...

Osteoporosis: Know your risk for this “silent disease”

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Bonny was interviewed by Paula Kehoe of Lumino health for an osteoporosis article. Please see below what Bonny had to say about osteoporosis and how to manage it. Osteoporosis is a ‘silent thief’ that can slowly rob your bone strength. The good news? You can lower your risk and manage it with...

Move – Sit – Sleep: A balancing act

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Move – Sit – Sleep: A balancing act Did you know new research is changing the way we think about exercise and health? Rather than just “exercise”, we now think about “movement” more broadly, as well as the importance of good quality sleep, and spending less time sitting each day. This...

Course: Effective Exercise Prescription

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Effective Exercise Prescription
Advanced Neck and Upper Extremity Course
Advanced Lumbo-pelvic and Lower Extremity Course Location: here at Pro Motion Physiotherapy Date: Saturday, June 9th, 2018 to Sunday, June 10th, 2018 For more details, please Click Here  

Event: Osteoporosis & Postural Change: Manual & Exercise Interventions

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Location: Here at Pro Motion Physiotherapy. Dates: Sat. June 10 & Sun June 11 2017. Description: This two- day course is designed to give experienced therapists a practical approach to comprehensive mechanical problem solving, focusing on the osteoporotic or osteopenic patient who presents with low bone density, and often a kyphosis, forward head and...