Junko (Talya) Takano

Registered Massage Therapist


img_5540Junko graduated from the Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy in Toronto.  Previously, Junko earned a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from Kokushikan University in Tokyo, Japan.

As a national competitor in Kendo, a Japanese Martial art, Junko gained knowledge of injury and pain management, prevention and self-care.  Her previous career as a Physical Education teacher, and her present experience as a personal fitness trainer, contribute to Junko’s holistic approach to massage therapy.

Junko was motivated to become a massage therapist when she realized she could help treat her mother’s severe scoliosis.  Junko has now dedicated her massage therapy career to helping clients identify root causes of pain and discomfort, alleviate or manage the pain and she provides guidance to proactively prevent further problems.

Junko along with her husband are kept busy taking care of twins but she manages to find the time to teach and practice Kendo.  Additionally, she practices Tai Chi and Yoga regularly to maintain calmness, positive energy and balance.